Container Park


District Container Park is an outdoor family friendly open air sports attraction, gastronomical and shopping venue comprised of over twenty re-purposed shipping containers turned into unique sports, retail and food and beverage establishments locally funded and managed.

Business structures in the District Container Park will be creations of ARVADA Corporation, adjusted to particular needs of every establishment. Among these a World Class State of The Art Full Service Bike Shop and a Retail Store/Boutique catering mainly to athletes. DCP will also have ten to twelve food and beverage tenants, food venues such as Spanish restaurants, Mexican food, craft beer garden, artisanal pizza, homemade burger joint, Asian cuisine, typical Puertorrican, ceviche Kiosk, artisan ice cream, champagne / prosecco / cava bar, fusion cuisine, grill & BBQ, gourmet barista coffee and several others pending proposals presently under evaluation.

Administration and sales offices for ARVADA Corporation will be on-site in order to ensure efficient occupation of all the structures on the lot.

Tel: (787) 559-0095