EcoExploratorio: Museum of Sciences of Puerto Rico is an independent initiative of scientific and technological education in Puerto Rico. The initiative comes directly from people in the community including scientists, researchers, teachers, children, students and ordinary people like you and me, in order to advance the scientific literacy of our people and strengthen the workforce of Puerto Rico. The EcoExploratorio will serve as the center of gravity of the sciences, technology, mathematics and engineering of Puerto Rico.


Inspire people to explore, share, and protect the natural environment through science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


To engage people of all walks of life, with the world around them and with each other through vivid experiences, shared knowledge, and an expanding love of science. The goal is to promote the desire to explore and learn, and thus achieve a society that is strong and productive, ready for the challenges of future generations.

Impact of EcoExploratorio

  • Visitors – 300,000 people per year
  • Creation of Jobs during Construction-379 jobs (196 direct and 186 indirect or induced)
  • Creation of Jobs during Initial Operation-132 employees (60 direct and 72 indirect or induced)

Office Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm 

Tels: (787) 281-9090, (787) 281-9091