Puerto Rico Film District


This development consists of fully digital film studios of the most advanced technology, with an investment of $70 millions. The project is expected to create 150 direct and 200 indirect jobs during its construction. Once completed, the film district would have created more than 1,325 direct and indirect jobs.

This new project will be vital for the international projection of Puerto Rico, making us a key player in the film industry.

The PR Film District will comprise 180,000 square feet of construction and consists of five sound studios, administrative offices and conference rooms, as well as post-production and editing facilities, dressing rooms, storage space, an industrial kitchen, a “university” and laundry services.

The Puerto Rico Film District will occupy 13 acres of land within the Convention District Authority, which will become an attraction for the local public, tourists and members of the film industry.

Investment and Jobs

  • An investment of over $70 million dollars and the creation of 1,325 jobs.


  • In addition to being the first digital film studio on the island, the Puerto Rico Film District will have a complete tourist component where visitors can experience first-hand how a film or series is produced.
  • Within this tourism strategy there is the rehabilitation of existing structures such as the Miraflores Polvorin, which will become the headquarters of the Puerto Rico Film Museum.
  • The museum will be surrounded by a beautiful square where an annual film festival will be held.