Antiguo Casino de Puerto RIco


Since its construction in 1913, the Antiguo Casino of Puerto Rico has always been a place for high-end receptions.

With a privileged location, next to lively and continuously visited Plaza Colón of Old San Juan, one of the oldest cities of the Caribbean, the Antiguo Casino has distinguished from its inception for its airs of elegance and celebration.

In the fifties, the Antiguo Casino took a new turn to become the prestigious “Escuela Libre de Música”, and then the first headquarters of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. Later, it was used as a cultural center.

Today It’s still active as an event hall for private activities, under the administration of the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority, demonstrating that the Antiguo Casino continues its impeccable trajectory of  elegance, party and splendor.

Tel: (787) 690-5482